Lanto Health

Why Lanto Sinus?

Most sinus health products in the market today simply exist to relieve sinusitis symptoms, but do not have an actual health benefit. However, Lanto Sinus does so much more. Lanto Sinus is unique because it is designed to actually support overall sinus health by restoring our sinus microbial communities, also known as our sinus microbiome. 

Sometimes our sinus microbial communities become disrupted, due to illnesses, allergies, or antibiotics, and they become imbalanced. And when that happens, a person can develop sinusitis symptoms. Lanto Sinus effectively supports our sinus microbiome and overall sinus health by introducing beneficial bacteria into the mouth and sinuses. Lanto Sinus contains kimchi derived Lactobacillus sakei, the keystone bacteria found in healthy sinuses. Lanto Sinus is extremely easy to use and can simply be stored in the refrigerator. 

We look forward to helping you along your microbiome restoration journey!