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Partnering With Health Care Providers

At Lanto Health, we're eager to partner with health care providers around the world to help change the narrative around sinus health. To focus less on sinus microbiome damaging antibiotics & more on microbiome rebalancing probiotics.

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Lactobacillus sakei

Our proprietary probiotic powder is made with Lactobacillus sakei, a bacteria which is found naturally in healthy sinuses. Introducing L. sakei helps people (especially those with chronic sinusitis)
balance the sinus microbiome.

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Lanto Sinus Probiotic Powder

Our probiotic powder can be used proactively or reactively, orally, or in the nose for an extra boost. This means it’s a great way to stay on top of sinus health, rather than waiting for a sinus infection to occur.

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"The concept of restoring the sinus microbiome with a specific sinus related probiotic such as Lanto Sinus is supported by some of the most current research studies.”


Lanto Sinus Info Sheet PDF

A detailed overview of information and research behind Lanto Sinus. 

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