Lanto Health

About Us

“We created Lanto because we knew there had to be a better way to support sinus health, naturally.”

Lanto Health Founders, Erik and Adam Galuppo, grew up battling chronic sinusitis. For 25 years, they experimented with all types of antibiotics, special diets, and even sinus surgery.

The Galuppo brothers took to the internet for a better solution, and came across research suggesting  that a keystone bacteria called Lactobacillus sakei is found naturally in healthy sinuses, and was being used experimentally for sinus issues. Lactobacillus sakei (also known as L. sakei) is also found naturally in fermented kimchi. They first concocted their own formulas, using kimchi from local grocery stores, and were amazed by the results. Their sinuses instantly felt healthier.

And so, they set out to bring their natural and effective sinus solution to the masses. “We made it our mission to create a reliable and pure health sinus probiotic to help the millions of people struggling with sinus issues,” said Founder, Erik Galuppo. And Lanto Health was born.

Lactobacillus sakei - found naturally in kimchi - introduces “good" bacteria into your sinus microbiome.

With new articles being published regularly about the benefits of L. sakei for sinus health (check out our blog for these), Lanto Health is certainly ahead of the times in using a natural probiotic rather than microbiome-destroying antibiotics.

“We hope our product helps you conquer your sinus issues, as it has for us and so many customers across the world. We’d love to hear about your journey to better sinus health.”

With love from your sinus support team,

Erik & Adam Galuppo