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Our formula includes naturally occurring Lactobacillus sakei to rebalance your sinus microbiome, naturally.

The sinus probiotic with the only ingredient you need: Lactobacillus sakei.

Lanto Sinus is all you need to restore your sinus health.

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Sinus-safe & Microbiome-friendly

By introducing Lactobacillus sakei, a “good" bacteria found naturally in sinuses, Lanto Sinus promotes sinus health, especially for people facing chronic sinusitis.

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How to Use Lanto Sinus

Regular Use: Mouth
• Place 1/4 teaspoon (white spoon) of Lanto Sinus directly into your mouth, swish, and swallow.
• Don't eat or drink for 15 minutes.
• Use Lanto Sinus once per day, as needed.

Maximum Boost: Nose & Mouth
• Mix 1/4 tsp (white spoon) of Lanto Sinus with up to 1/4 cup of distilled or sterile (boiled & cooled) water. Stir.
• Dab this mixture about 1/2 inch into the nostrils (using a cotton swab or clean finger).
• Swish remaining amount of mixture in mouth & swallow.
• Apply once in each nostril, once per day, as needed.

"Research on the role of the sinus microbiome and sinus disease while in its infancy, is pointing the way to a new approach. The concept of restoring the sinus microbiome with a specific sinus related probiotic such as Lanto Sinus is supported by some of the most current research studies."

– Dr. Benjamin F. Asher, MD

Why L. Sakei For Sinusitis?

Learn more about Lactobacillus sakei and how it affects the sinus microbiome!

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Probiotics for Sinus Infections

How & Why They Work

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