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About Us - The Lanto Health Story (Original Edit - Delete After)

The story of how your Lanto Health “sinus health support team” came to exist involves over 25 years of reoccurring sinus infections, antibiotics, and even sinus surgery. As two brothers that grew up battling chronic sinusitis (sinus infections), we knew that there must be a better way to promote sinus health than using antibiotics or other alternative methods like special diets. We tried everything!

Chronic sinusitis could be brought on by many different factors, but ours was actually started by a faulty central AC unit that built up mold because it wasn’t draining water properly.

After years of being prescribed antibiotics for every simple cold or sore throat that turned into a sinus infection, we set out to find a better solution to help ourselves. Modern research pointed us to a keystone bacteria found in healthy sinuses called Lactobacillus sakei (link to study: Abreu et al., 2012). It turns out that this beneficial bacteria is naturally found in fermented kimchi. We spent years experimenting with fermented kimchi from the local grocery store and we were amazed with how effective it was for us! Our sinuses instantly felt healthier and we did not have a need for antibiotics to fight off those once inevitable sinus infections. Instead we only had to use Lactobacillus sakei occasionally, as both a preventive measure and as a responsive measure for when we felt oncoming sinus infection symptoms. In both cases, the L. sakei did just the trick.

Entirely astonished by our own success, we made it our mission to create a reliable and pure sinus health probiotic to help the millions of people struggling with sinusitis on a daily basis. We also figured that we’d save you from having to do your own “not so fun” kimchi experimentation. This was the inspiration behind developing our probiotic supplement called Lanto Sinus, which contains beneficial Lactobacillus sakei. The Lactobacillus sakei in our product is derived from kimchi, is easy to use, and is simply stored in the refrigerator.

Erik - Lanto Health Co-founder

The key to the effectiveness of our product is introducing beneficial bacteria into the mouth and sinuses. Most people struggling with sinusitis have an imbalance of bacteria in their sinuses (technically called bacteria dysbiosis). Doctors almost always prescribe antibiotics to kill the “bad” bacteria when you are experiencing an infection. However, the problem with this is that it kills all bacteria including the good, which leads to reoccurring sinus infections. By introducing the correct beneficial bacteria (Lactobacillus sakei), we can help support the sinus bacteria community (sinus microbiome) and promote sinus health in a more natural and logical way.

Our journey to conquer chronic sinusitis has been a challenging one at times, but we are extremely grateful that it has driven us to be able to help so many other people.

We hope that you reach out to us at if you have any questions about our story or our product. We are happy to share any tips or advice that we may have from a lifetime of personal experience.

And please remember to check your central AC unit if you start having reoccurring sinus infections!

Sincerely, your sinus support team,

Adam & Erik