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Three Ways to Use Lanto Sinus for Success

Three Ways to Use Lanto Sinus for Success

Lanto Sinus has proven to be a solution for sinus issues, with people successfully using it three main ways.

Individuals commonly try out different methods to see what works best for them. The differences in how the product is used are based on the severity of the sinus symptoms and personal preferences.

There are three main ways that people use Lanto Sinus. Some individuals use the product only one way, but others use all three methods depending on their symptoms – that is, whether they are very sick with sinusitis or they are just starting some minor sinus symptoms. The product is used when there are sinusitis symptoms and discontinued after feeling better. [Detailed instructions for each method are found below.]

The first method is the Classic By Nose and Mouth, in which Lanto Sinus probiotic and water mixture is applied into the nose several times, and the remainder swallowed. This is the most popular method and the starting point for most users.

The second method is the Maximum Boost Sinus Rinse. In this method, individuals add the Lanto Sinus probiotic to their regular saline nasal rinse – whether in a neti pot or squeeze bottle. The quantity of water varies, with some persons using it with a half cup (4 oz) water, while others more (up to 8 oz).

The third approach is the Gentle Use By Mouth method. This is generally used by people for minor symptoms when they first appear. While the instructions recommend not eating or drinking for 5 minutes afterwards, many people go longer than 5 minutes.

There are some further variations in how Lanto Sinus is used:

Many people use the product twice a day when very sick, and taper to once a day when feeling better.

Some persons use smaller amounts of Lanto Sinus than 1/4 teaspoon (the white spoon provided).

In the Classic By Nose and Mouth method, some people choose to not swallow the mixture after applying some in the nostrils.

Bottom line: We recommend starting with the Classic By Nose and Mouth method, and then see what works best for you, which may vary depending on symptoms. The goal is to restore balance to the sinus microbiome and promote sinus health!

These instructions will be included on a card with every Lanto Sinus order:

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